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Thread: Brawl NTSC-U to PAL Save File Conversion Guide ( and back )

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    Brawl NTSC-U to PAL Save File Conversion Guide ( and back )

    Prerequisites :

    You need these !

    Alright, so here we are, for some reason you have to switch from an NTSC-U copy of Brawl to a PAL copy of Brawl ( or from PAL to NTSC-U ), now if you didn't care about your save file, this wouldn't be such a huge deal, but most people don't like starting over in their games, especially when you get so far into it. This is what this guide is for, it is meant to help and guide you in converting your NTSC-U save file to a PAL save file ( or from PAL to NTSC-U ). This is a relatively easy guide and should be easy to do, should only take you about half an hour at the most.

    Now, to get this guide started, you'll need to have The Homebrew Channel installed( will now be referred to as HBC for the remainder of the guide ), if you don't, please head over to the Softmod ANY Wii Guide. Fully complete the guide and then come back here when you're done. Now then, to start off you'll want to load up SaveGame Manager GX in the HBC, you can get it from the spoiler under the big red text that says ' Prerequisites '. Use it to extract your SSBB save file to your SD card, I won't go in depth as to how to do it because it's just that easy to do.

    After you have your save file extracted, the folder you get should be called "0001000052534245" ( 0001000052534250 if you extracted from a PAL save ), expand it, you should see the following files :

    • advsv0.bin ( Adventure save )
    • advsv1.bin ( Adventure save security measure )
    • autosv0.bin ( Game save )
    • autosv1.bin ( Game save security measure )
    • banner.bin ( Save icon )
    • collect.vff ( ? )
    • net0.bin ( Online save )
    • net1.bin ( Online save security measure )
    • wc24pubk.mod ( Some sort of WiiConnect24 service ? )

    The one we want to focus on is autosv0.bin, this is the file that contains the main save data and it's also the only region-locked file here. But first, delete autosv1.bin, you'll end up doing it later so you might as well do it now. Open up the hex editor of your choice ( one is provided by me in the spoiler under ' Prerequisites ').
    You should see a bunch of numbers that make no sense to you, and to the right, unintelligible garbage. This is good, now you see how those numbers are in pairs ( ie. 00 )? Those are bytes, and those are what we will be modifying to convert your save file. Starting from the very first byte ( 00 ), go right three bytes, you'll see that this byte holds the value of 14 ( 15 if it's a PAL save ). This number is very important, it tells the game what region this save is for, 14 is for NTSC-U, and 15 is for PAL. To change the region, simply replace the 14 or 15 with 14 or 15 depending on what region the save file is from. Save your changes here.

    Now that was the easy part, make sure you saved like I said to. Now you'll want to go down to the bottom of the file, to the very last byte. You should see something like this :

    Note that you probably won't have the same four bytes listed there, it's different every time the game saves to the file with new information. Highlight those four bytes and right click and then select Cut. Save your progress. Now open up the F-CRC Calculator program listed in the Prerequisites. Simply drag the autosv0.bin file you modified two minutes ago into the blank area in the F-CRC Calculator. It should now look like this :

    Make sure you dragged the correct file into it ( autosv0.bin ) and then click on it and then click " Calculate ".
    Your new CRC should be here :

    Same as before, it won't be the same for everyone, very rarely ( and I mean rarely ) will it ever be the same for two save files. Anyways, highlight that and copy it. Now move back over to the hex editor with autosv0.bin still opened in it. You should still be where you cut the four bytes from before, you now need to paste in the new CRC you calculated in the last step. After you do that save the file.

    Final step is very, very simple. All you need to do is copy and rename autosv0.bin to autosv1.bin, it serves as a security to prevent tampering with the save file. All you need to do now is rename the folder it's in to "0001000052534250" if you extracted from a NTSC-U save, or to "0001000052534245" if you extracted from a PAL save. All that's left to do now is install the save file back into your Wii.

    If it gives you an error, try it again a few times and then pop in your Brawl disc, the save file should be on your Wii even though it gave you an error, this is caused by the save file you're installing not being there before, meaning if I were to install an NTSC-U save without playing the game beforehand, I would probably run into this error, if you don't want to encounter the error then just play the game up to a point where it saves information to the Wii.

    Well, that's the end of this guide, it's also the first guide I've written for WiiHacks, hope it helps someone out !
    Feel free to post or PM any suggestions !


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