well, recently i wrote a lot of reviews *26 if i recall -,_-,*

so i was wondering if anyone would like me to write more, and if so anything in particular

i own a
DS/2 DS lites/and a DSI
2 Fat psp's/2 Slim psp's *2,000's*
and a wii

i did own a PS3 for 2 weeks =P to play Disgaea 3, and edge X *logged in 200 between them -,_-,* and returned it

i dont own a Xbox360, since ive been banned on XBL too many times to count, and dont care to play it anymore *without that xbox is nothing*

so yeah... -,_-, i got a lot of free time, as of late.... xD
  • 2 irl friends, and like 4 online =P
  • wife went poof so im single... *again ~_~*
  • work rarly needs me *still get paid =D*
  • i rarly got other places to be =x
  • this site isnt really active enough to slow me down XDDD
  • i beat on average 40 games a month anyways ~_~ *mostly japanese*

so if anyone wants to get a review for something, post it and odds are ill do it *if i dont like the look i wont play =x i want to atleast have some enjoy ment doing it* and if anyone wants to help me out, that would be great ^^