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Thread: games play in black and white

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    games play in black and white

    Hi recently i been playing backups using neogamma and the games are in Black and white ....i think i did the wrong settings or something cause never happened until recently.(been using a soft modded wii for awhile) any help is appreciated

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    Classic symptoms of playing out of region (NTSC on PAL, or PAL on NTSC).

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightstah View Post
    Classic symptoms of playing out of region (NTSC on PAL, or PAL on NTSC).
    but this same game/same exact wii played in colors before just started happening a few days ago any fix?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjizzle View Post
    Is it just this game or do others do the same?
    all of my wii backup games do this now....

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    Could be a few things, hardware or software related. First things first, unplug and plug back in both your video cable connection on the back of your Wii, and also the cables that connect to your TV. A cable problem could also cause this behavior.

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    Composite sometimes can go... you could try the other port (component) to rule something in or out.

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    ok ty will try different ports


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