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Thread: On the market for a 3ds flash cart

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    On the market for a 3ds flash cart

    My Nintendo 3ds is Ver. 4.5.0-10u What is the best Cart to buy? My cousin has a r4i 3ds wifi it works well on his Dsi xl, Should i get that & from what trusted website?

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    Get the supecard dstwo, it cost more but it has the best features and never gets blocked by nintendo a updates (or at least they will update to get around the block pretty quick)

    with r4 their are many different versions and fakes. The latest ones can work on 3ds, but I had one and it got permanently blocked.

    I ordered from digitopz and had no problems.

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    supercard dstwo and r4i gold are the best flash cart on the market right now, both are working great with the newest 3ds system (or system version lower than 5.1.0-11)
    if your cousin want to play GBA games and need more extra features, supercard dstwo is a great cart for him. Otherwise, r4i 3ds is good enough, that's where i got mine, the shipping was fast. btw, they will pre-flash the r4i 3ds cart for you, so it will work with any 3ds system out of the box

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    Currently the best flashcart is r4i gold 3ds or dstwo. the r4i gold 3ds card must be this one: this is the best r4 3ds card. And another, the gateway 3ds card which can play 3ds games will come out this month, check here: you can wait until that time.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.


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