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Thread: Help Needed: Wii NAND Backup Process Froze

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    Help Needed: Wii NAND Backup Process Froze

    Tl;Dr: What do I do with the SD card and its contents BEFORE I attempt to back up the nand again?

    Hello. I have been following the Softmod ANY Wii guide, and have completed each step correctly. I formatted my SD card to FAT32 prior to getting started, made sure I had 500+ blocks of memory free on my Wii, and used the Letterbomb method of installing Hackmii on my 4.3U Wii. I then used Hackmii to install the homebrew channel, installed Bootmii as Boot2, and "prepared" the SD card, with no errors.

    Then, while attempting to back up the NAND, the process froze at a little over halfway through. No messages popped up, it just stopped progressing. I held down the power button until the console reset. After checking to see that the console is still functioning, I removed the SD card so I could write down the specs and information contain on it here.

    The Card:
    2 Gigabte SD Memory card, by Toshiba. I named it "Wii" during the formatting process.

    The Contents:
    bootmii (folder, with every black bullet being a file)
    • armboot.bin (48.4kb)
    • bootmii.ini (225 bytes)
    • ppcboot.elf (310kb)

    private (folder, with every black bullet being a folder inside the previous folder, except for the bullet aligned to the right of the others, which is a file)
    • private
    • wii
    • title
    • HAEA
    • 692446DF
    • B8823B1C
    • 2013
    • 04
    • 30
    • 18
    • 51
    • HABA_#1
    • txt
      • 193A5C32.000 (85.1kb)

    boot.elf (2.06mb)
    keys.bin (1.00kb)
    nand.bin (0 bytes)

    The issue might be my brand of SD Card, but I can't know for sure until I have tried to backup the NAND again. But I need to know:

    What do I do with the SD card and its contents BEFORE I attempt to back up the nand again?

    I do not know if it is as simple as deleting individual files, if the whole SD card must be reformatted again, or if the entire process must be started from scratch. The guide contains no information on what to do in the event of a NAND backup failure

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    Since it happened while just reading your memory, the chances of that breaking your system is pretty small. If you were writing the NAND, then you would have been in trouble.

    I would back up the NAND files (keys.bin, since nand.bin is 0bytes, it's garbage), delete the two files, and then just try it again. You should be able to put the SD card back in the system, and it should boot directly to bootmii since you've installed it as boot2. Then, try it again.

    If it still locks up, then you may want to try a different card, keeping it to a 1gig or 2gig card.
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    Thank you. Everything seems to be up and running now.

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