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Thread: NeoGamma help! Discs won't work!

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    NeoGamma help! Discs won't work!

    I recently followed the "Softmod ANY Wii" guide on here, so every version in that tutorial is what I'm using.

    So I'm trying to play a backup of New Super Mario Brothers, and I'm using a disc. A year ago, the game worked fine. The weird thing to me is, when I put the disc in, it loads the preview on the disc channel. I tried starting the game from the disc channel just for fun, but it just told me to remove the disc, and NeoGamma won't load it either. I have another game that the disc channel also loads the preview, but NeoGamma won't play it.

    In case it might help, here's what the NeoGamma channel displays:

    On the bottom of the NeoGamma screen:
    NeoGamma R9 b56, d2x56v8final (249)

    When it tries to launch the game (in order):

    Reset drive...
    Open Partition...
    Searching Patch...
    No Patch Found...
    Loading IOS247...
    Reset Drive...
    Blocking IOS Reloads...
    Starting Game...

    A green screen flashes, and then my tv says "Not Supported Mode" and then "No Input."

    Any help is greatly, greatly appreciated!

    I forgot to add: some backups DO work. I can play Super Mario Galaxy 2 with no problems.
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    For the second time: You've already posted this in another thread, one that you started. HERE -->

    Keep the conversation in the one thread. Closing this one too. Next time I'll start throwing infractions at you.

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