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Thread: Game Crash Problem

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    Game Crash Problem

    I'm new here, so I don't know if I'm posing in the right place. Since it soft mod related I think this is it.

    Anyway, I recently soft modded my Wii with the LetterBomb hack, and since then all has gone well, installed games work perfectly, occasionally USBLoader GX crashes on "initialize USB device" but 95% of the time it works fine, and games have no issues.

    The game I DO have issues with is Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. It is not a copy, it is the original game. The Wii will recognise it, and allow me to start it from the disc channel, but then the disc drive seems to go crackers, and it sounds like it just can't read the disc. Which would make sense, since it has a few scratches on it that I'm fairly certain would cause issues. A couple of pretty obvious ones around the outer edges and one that is less obvious if you were to just look at the disc nonchalantly, but if you look harder, you will see them, like someone dragged the disc along a surface.

    What results is "An Error Occurred" message and I have to reset the Wii. USBLoader GX, however, seems to recognise the disc fine and will also let me install it. Doesn't have a single issue reading the disc. Once installed, the game will load fine. Up until a certain point. During the final boss battle, it crashes. And I did it more than once. It crashes in exactly the same spot.

    I re-installed IOS58 which is what people have said the game uses. Did nothing. I let the update from the disc install, still get the error. After re-installing the CIOS'es again I deleted the game from the hard drive and reinstalled it and it seemed to have done the trick.

    But what is bugging me is why the Wii itself wont read the disc. Is it because of the damage on the disc? Is it just old (it was a used Wii when I got it)? I really don't know.

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    Over time, Wii DVD-Rom could be aged, just like people.
    Install Priiloader, set force to read disc with 249. that helps a bit.

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    Priiloader is installed, and I did enable that but it didnt work. I set it back to the way it was, as well as block online and disc updates

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    If you Wii has no problem reading other game disks, sounds like your Warriors of Rock disk is bad.
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