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Thread: 3DS Flash Cart?

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    3DS Flash Cart?

    Seems legit. Don't know how well it will hold up to system updates though, but the demo video seems like it's working so far:
    [spoiler=Click Below for recommended Links]

    Download the latest:
    Latest Loaders CFG v70r65
    GX r1226
    WiiFlow 4.2.1
    Other downloads DM/DML 2.11

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    You'd probably only be able to fit one or two games on a single microSD card, but still pretty cool. Most 3DS games are 4GB and up, you can view a table of file sizes for 3DS games here.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Gigabit < Gigabyte. Last I knew, 8 bits make a byte. 8 Gigabit = 1 Gigabyte.

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    Wow, thanks for the news, i am going to get more details on this card now.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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    I bought my r4i gold card from TheGamerDepot and soon will be buying a gateway 3ds card from them as soon as it is released.
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    It appears to be a limitation of the card that it can only have one game on an sd card and I don't think it's due to size.

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    such a great news.


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