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Thread: Bricked Wii or hardware failure?

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    Bricked Wii or hardware failure?

    My wii froze while playing a backup off usb drive and I powered it down. Afterword it wouldn't come back on just a black screen with the blue light staying on. A week later I plugged powersupply back in and the wii came on I was able to enter the menus but when I tried to go into the homebrew channel again just a black screen so I powered back off and what do you know, everytime you try and power on just a black screen with the solid blue disc light on, so every few days you can try again and it will power on to at the very least the startup screen but now the remote won't sync and the lights on it just turn off and I have to power wii back down manually, any suggestions, thanks

    prii loader was installed and I did it as boot2 and I have my nand backup I've read and read guides done everything I could think of or have read with the exception of port 4 and a gc controller as I don't have one around

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    If you extract to a formated standard sd card 1-2 gigs, what happens when you turn your wii on with the sd card in the wii?
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