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Thread: softmod Wii screen with error and reset, constantly

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    softmod Wii screen with error and reset, constantly

    Hi new to forum and pretty noob so sorry ahead of time, well 4.3 wii softmod was working fine for about 6 months until a few days ago, loading games using cfg loader straight from hdd but then it stopped loading, after clicking on cfg "forwarder" it use to load to hdd but now it takes me to a black screen and then back to home menu so i posted issue on this great site by you guys who have been GREAT with tutortials and walkthrus, so i posted a system check and was told it was fine, nothing wrong with wii so i figured next best thing to try another loader, i had cfg v68 but seen that recommended this time was v70 so now i upon trying to install that onto sd card im not sure if it was how installed it or its another issue because now im getting a error screen that black one that tells you to reset and look to manual yada yada, and the sad part is that wii boots to home menu but after about 1 minute i get that screen, CONSTANTLY, so did i do something wrong or is this a hardware issue....please advise, and thanks in adavance

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    Dupe posting won't get your help any faster. Keep the conversation to one thread.

    Closing this one.

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