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Thread: Permissions Denied

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    Permissions Denied

    So I am trying to register for the first time on wiihacks from a computer that has never been used to register anyone on this site and i am getting the permission denied you are a spammer message. I read a previous thread of an unregistered user who had the same problem. He contacted you guys and got a reply with "try again" and then he was accepted. I have thus sent a message and am anxiously awaiting a reply. about how long until an admin contacts me to determine whether or not I am able to register. I tried registering under the name "codis".

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    Your IP isn't listed on the usual spam sites. Your IP is the registration IP of record for a user here on wiihacks. I presume you had luck a couple hours later, kushiel? Signed up today, @ 7:29 pm (2 hrs, 15 mins after this post above).

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    I also got "Permission Denied" and contacted you via the "Contact Us" page several times. Please let me register. Thx,

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