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Thread: Tales of Symphonis (ToS) not loading with neogamma R9

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    Tales of Symphonis (ToS) not loading with neogamma R9 ive been messing around and decided to try making a backup of my ToS disk because i knew it was gonna break sooner or later. and family came over...stepped on my pecious disk...made me cry :'(
    But the problem is that i cant get it to run on NeoGamma R9. I can get it to run fine on the past launchers but ive just recently finished the game. Now i wanted to load it on R9 so i can use a few hacks (mostly so i dont have to farm for grade...AGAIN -_-) but each time i try to run it i get a black screen after the GC Backup Launcher runs. Ive tried changing the settings but that didnt work. I run on NeoGamma R9 b56, cIOS57rev20 (249). Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated at this point.

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    Really? Update your softmod (dx2 v8). Also, that's wrong base (should be 56).

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    Well it used to always work so well i never really had to switch to an update until now so im sorry for now knowing / noticing sooner xD

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