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Thread: Better Safe Than Sorry. What's the correct method?

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    Smile Better Safe Than Sorry. What's the correct method?

    Hi WiiHacks!

    I had my friend load my external hard drive with some games with his PC. It works and I've been using it ever since. My Wii had been softmodded and has CFG USB Loader, by the way.

    But the games are getting old and I want to add some more. Now that he's gone, I would need to put them on my own. But I was told that inserting the external hard drive to your PC would delete the games.

    Is it enough that I installed WBFS Manager 2.5 so that when I insert my external hard drive, the games won't be deleted?

    Better safe to ask here than be sorry late on.


    Also, follow up question. Some games come in WBFS or ISO format. Will they both work? What's the difference?

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    Actually games come in CD format, insert the game in the Wii and use cfg usb loader to rip the game to the hd

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    Yes, but I am downloading the games from the internet. I'm not using a CD.

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