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Thread: USB Loader GX stuck at Waiting for HDD

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    Exclamation USB Loader GX stuck at Initialize usb device


    I have some backups on my 16 GB USB Stick and i wanna play them on wii but i cant beacuse its stuck on Initialize usb device in USB loader GX app.My 8 GB usb stick its working without problems but my 16 GB not...

    Thanks you!
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    From Homebrew Channel.

    And i have one more problem with FTPii (FTP Server on Wii) (I posting in this theard to not open an
    another one.) When i try to connect with Filezilla i get this error:

    Error: Connection timed out
    Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing
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    Did you follow this guide and check the device against the compatibility list?

    If in doubt of your softmod (something I usually ask new users), post a SysCheck --- program and instructions can be found here.

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    I folowed the guide and its still stucked.And I can't check the device against the compatibility list beacuse its a BMW branded USB Device from company.I will post a SysCheck later.With FTPii the solution was to install the latest version (0.22).

    EDIT: (syscheck report)
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    Your post was auto-moderated due to the link. We expected the syscheck to be pasted into the post directly and surrounded by spoiler tags to avoid this problem.

    Your syscheck looked good from what I could tell.
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