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    Hello, long time no post here. I didn't know where to post this so I just posted this here.

    I was thinking of buying some new accessories for my Wii and I came across this site:

    They're so cheap (compared to eBay and Amazon) that I doubt this site's legitimacy. Mode of payment is PayPal btw. Has anyone ordered from here? Also, do you people know of any other cheap sites I could order from?

    I'm planning to order 2 GC Controllers, 2 White Classic Controllers, a Component cable and a GC memcard.

    EDIT: On an unrelated note, is a 32 MB memcard enough for storing savegames for some 8 games?
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    I have a 16mb GameCube memory card, it has saves for 10-15 games and still I have over 800 blocks left lol. So the 32mb will be way, way more than you need for 8 games.


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