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Thread: Need some help with R4i 3DS Gold

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    R4i Gold works with DSi but not 3DS

    Late last year, my girlfriend accidentally updated my 3DS which made it so my flashcart was locked out. It was no big deal and I kinda put off buying a DSi to patch it mainly due to the fact that she was using more than I was and mostly for 3DS games.

    I finally decided to pick up a DSi to patch it, though, as I'd like to get my flashcart in use again.

    That being said, I tried putting the patch and v1.59 firmware on the flashcart, but when I get to the screen that shows the instructions on the top screen for "Patch for R4iDS Gold 3DS", I press A and it says "Fail" and to Press KEY_A again.

    The patch I'm using is: R4iGold_3DS45_NDSi145_Patcha_NDSi.nds

    The DSi firmware on the system is 1.4.4U.

    The 3DS firmware is 4.5.0-10U.

    And, again the flashcart I'm using is this one:
    Thanks in advance for any help. I'm new to this whole patching thing.


    EDIT: After some trial and error, I got the DSi to update the flashcart to v1.59, but whenever I start it on the 3DS with 4.5.0-10U, it says an error has occurred and I have to shutdown the system. It works on the DSi with 1.4.4U, however, and runs all three of my backed up DS games, even loading old saves I had. Also, its revision C. Any ideas?

    Thanks again, in advance.
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    DrkrZen because you bought the card last year. the card was manufactured last year, it is too old to work on the latest 3ds firmware, so your card was blocked by your 3ds version, even your card is the version C, actually there are indeed some version C card can not be updated to support the 3ds new firmware. Currently the latest version of r4i gold 3ds is the rts version. I am afraid you can only use your card on your dsi for now and need to buy a new card for your 3ds. PM me if you plan to buy a new one, will send you a discount for the new card.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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    Ah, I see. Thanks for the reply and the info, man.

    It may be a little bit before I purchase a new flashcart, but I appreciate the offer of the discount. When I DO buy one another one in the near future, I'll definitely be buying from you.


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