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Thread: newbie with some questions before getting started

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    newbie with some questions before getting started

    hey, it's been about a year since i first started reading the forums and guides and now that i've got some time I've finally decided to sit down and mod my wii. but before i do I wanted to clear up some confusion and finalize preparations.
    I want to load wii and gc games from a usb device, and as i understand it, following the mod all wiis guide and installing dios mios will allow me to do this, correct?
    What is the difference between dios mios and dios mios lite, and which should I install?
    Also, I've read that games exceeding 4gb in size ripped and played using usb loader gx can cause issues in devices formatted in fat32 (which I plan to do for playing gc games). could i make a fat32 partition for gc games and a seperate ntfs partition for wii titles?
    I've also read that I'd lose the ability to play retail games after installing dios mios. Is this still an issue, or will following the above guides not cause this problem?
    As for the usb device itself, can anyone suggest a relatively affordable drive that is compatible with usb loader gx and dios mios? I've checked the compatibility list but i'm not finding many appealing options. How strictly should I adhere to the compatibility list?

    Sorry if any of my questions had been asked before. I tried searching and reading beforehand, but i'm bound to have missed something.

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    DM is meant for USB, DML is meant for SD cards. There's also Devolution.

    FAT32 is the recommended method. If a game is greater than 4gb the file can be split in such a way that it works. That is covered in the FAT32 guide:

    Also the question of losing retail GC game playing is mentioned in the DM guide. Why it's true for some and not others, not entirely sure. Read the guide.

    The USB compatibility guides for both the Wii and GC is subjective and not meant as "only these."


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