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Thread: nand backup question

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    nand backup question

    Lets say Ive backed up 10 different Wiis and have nand backups for each.... do I need to keep the bootmii file/folder for EVERY backup (i.e are the bootmii folders/files exclusive to each nand backup) or can I just keep one bootmii folder and put that folder with the corresponding key and nand file that goes with the wii whos backup I wanna use?

    In otherwords i know each key and nand file are excluisive to every wii but are the bootmii folders/files exclusive too or can I use the SAME bootmii folder/file with ANY wii as long as Im used the right key/nand that corresponds with the wii Im using?

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    the key.bin file is proprietary for every Wii.
    bootmii folder/files are not.

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    well thast explains the key and bootmii file/folder what about the nand file?

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    The nand.bin is proprietary as well.

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