I'm a bit late to the wii hacking scene, I only decided to finally hack it after Nintendo anounced they would be shutting down some of the online functions of the wii. So I've got a bunch of emulators downloaded and cover arts to go with them. My question is how to go about using said cover arts with them. Alot of the threads on this subject on these forums seemed to have that specific information edited out of them. I've downloaded a couple "cover mod"s but from what I can tell some of these are out of date in relation to the current versions of their respective emulators.

The systems I'm emulating: NES, SNES, Genesis/SegaCD/32x, and TurboGrafx 16 (& CD)

I'll get into the MAME & NeoGeo stuff later.

So what are the current best options for using cover arts with these emulators?