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Thread: Problem with wiiflow 4.1

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    Lightbulb Problem with wiiflow 4.1

    l updated my softmod last night with the latest softmod any wii.
    followed guide through with no problems, done ios update,app pack.
    started up usb hard drive which is ntsf and my games are in a folder called WBFS, and none of my games are showing in wiiflow,usb loader gx or config loader.
    i had wiiflow 3.1 before and all games were fine,but games never showed in other two loaders gx and config.
    please can you tell me whats best to do to get them to show up in wiiflow 4.1 and also usb loader gx ?


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    There's a concept (with regard to democracy) of "one man, one vote" and then for you there's one thread, not two on the same thing.


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