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Thread: Wii Fit Plus data transfer from console memory to HDD game?

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    Wii Fit Plus data transfer from console memory to HDD game?

    I recently had the dvd motor stop working on my Wii. By that I mean that the DVD does not spin when inserted into the Wii. So I am not able to play any games that require a DVD.

    So long story short, I soft modded my Wii and backed up all my games to a USB thumb drive. One of my games is Wii Fit Plus. My family and I have been using it for a couple years now and would like to keep all the history of our weigh-ins. When I play the game on the thumb drive through WiiFlow, none of my data is there, however I can still access my Mii's. Any idea on how to transfer the weigh-in data to the thumb drive Wii Fit Plus?


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    Have you tried different loader (ex. cfg) ? Im able to play WiiFit Plus either from dvd or cfg loader and game use the same save file.
    Maybe you have nand emulation enabled?


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