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Thread: Backup'd Games Load, then can't read

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    Exclamation Backup'd Games Load, then can't read

    So I recently used this tutorial
    Run Backups on any Wii Without a Modchip

    Everything installed fine I backed up two of my games for a test. I have both a Mac and a PC so I welcome both parties to contribute solutions.

    Here's the problem:
    After burning the ISO downloaded from my Wii through Wifi, I directly took that .iso and burned it onto a DVD-R at 4x on my Mac using Disk Utility and at 3x on my PC using IMGBurn.
    For MS Anthology, Mac backup at 4x, I was able to load up the menu that allows you to choose which game you want to play from the series. I used Gamme Backup 0.3
    When I select a game from the series, it shows the load screen as usual and then said the DVD cannot be read. hm?

    For the other game, burned on both Mac at 4x and PC at 3x, I was able to load the disk. It shows me the warning about wrist straps and then shows the "Connect Nunchuck" screen, as usual. Then it goes to the same screen saying that my DVD cannot be read.

    These are the specs to my modded Wii:
    Version 3.2u
    cIOS36 Rev7 by Waninoko
    Gamma Backup Loader 0.3 by Wiigator
    Wii Dumper 1.2 by Waninoko

    That's all the major stuff I can think of.
    If you have any ideas please let me know! Any questions about my system and whatnot, I'll respond with that info too! I know this stuff works I just don't know why it's stopping. Thank you!

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    are you sure the game works *some dont work on gamma period.* and are you sure it was a perfect dump?

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    That's the thing I'm sure how to check too. The dumper says that the send was successful. Would you happen to know a way to check the .iso and a backup loader that has more widespread compatibility?

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    gamma is the "best" but its far from perfect like 70% working tops *and a lot of those only work so far*

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    So then would fitting it with a chip be the best solution? I've read about the pros and cons so I'll know what I'm getting myself into. Also, how do I check if the .iso is fully and properly working?

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    it should be 4.3 gigs (4,699,979,776)
    thats about the best you can do

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    So then from the looks of it, I've got properly working .iso's.

    So then does anyone have a solution for running these .iso's? I made backups of my No More Heroes and Metal Slug Anthology (Let me know if I can't list game names) so they're definitely smaller titles. Any ideas? Thanks so much for all the help so far. It's really clearing up a lot of misconceptions and hours of countless dead ends in other forums!

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    Metal Slug Anthology Works Yes NTSC-U Works with Waninkoko's IOS Patcher set to IOS249 and Backup Loader 0.3 Gamma
    No More Heroes Works Yes / No PAL NTSC version patched to PAL (to avoid PAL censorship) also works. PAL version seems to load slightly slower than the NTSC version - Both Force PAL60.
    No More Heroes Works Yes NTSC-U Works 100% on Gamma|Crashes after first mission - crashes on easternmost road while on bike | Works fine with requiem4ds fix for 0.3 - no more crashing.

    please search =\

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    OK ok ok ok. So. These games work pretty decent with the BL0.3G and Waninoko's IOS Patcher seems to be working. fine... So then what could I have done wrong? All the places I look only mention the cIOS, BL0.3G, and DVDx...

    Can I uninstall and start over?

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    yes, but you run the risk of not being able to retry

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