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Thread: a little afraid of posting...

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    a little afraid of posting...

    After reading here for a couple of hours, I gather this is the most well informed but also the most irritable of forums and regular members.
    I didn't want to reply to an older post in case it was too old and i got told off.
    I apologise in advance if I still manage to inadvertently offend someone :S

    basically, i have got a stock wii after they (nintendo) announced they were dropping support for the console so i thought it would be a good time to jump in (lot of peeps selling and no more regular updates etc to deal with after mod)

    And looking at some demo videos ,decided i wanted to have a small wii library and some emulated games all selected via wiiflow on hdd for my daughter.
    I have gotten so for but now i'm stuck...

    what i have done so far:

    figured out version (4.3e) and mac address
    soft modded via mailbomb following online 'how to mod any wii' (so, no boot2)
    backed up my 'nand' to pc with preloader
    made my wii boot to wiiflow (recent version as of may15 2013)
    backed up some of my wii disks to my pc then to wbfs.
    got an external usb drive and split it to 50gb FAT32 (primary) 200gb ntfs
    put all my wbfs folders in wbfs folder on ntfs.
    added masterpiece(new version) and postloader successfully (i think)

    where i am:

    boots to wiiflow (slow) but fine! and all my wii titles are selectable and fully playable via ntfs hdd.
    i press 'b' to get back to selection screen and all the consoles are listed.
    click on any and i am asked to 'select partition'
    put my few roms on the usb drive and i cannot browse to them or figure out how to add them.

    what i want to do:
    I'd like to be able to get to the stage where i can still boot to wiiflow , then browse wiiflow and select games including those emulated, as in youtube vid 'emuflooow 8'

    Is it simply directory structure, file placement, search terms or a whole 'nother step i'm missing?
    I don't expect anyone to walk me through but if you could point me in the right direction i would be grateful there must be walkthroughs somewhere but i'm wearing my 'search' button out!!
    many, many thanks

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    I don't think the emulators will run roms from NTFS USb drive.

    They will only work with FAT32.

    You should be able to run them from the SD card if you want to stick with NTFS. There is lots of homebrew that won't work on NTFS so In my opinion if you are going to have a dedicated hard drive hooked up to your wii go with FAT32 and then you pretty much won't even need an SD card. The threads around here about partitioning are outdated, there is no need to partition.

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    Thanks for the advice. I will put it all in FAT32 then.

    Weird, pretty much every guide i've read says you need a partition. I guess things have moved along.
    Is there a more up to date reference(s) you would recommend?

    Its mainly launching roms from usb drive via wiiflow, and where to put my roms/coverart i need help with.
    I'm not sure where to start as none of the posts here seem to reference it and a search just pulls up more about partitions, but nothing specific about file placement.

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    follow the soft mod any wii guide and the fat 32 guide on this site.

    I am not sure if there is a good guide for emulators around here but it will likely depend on which you use. Most are pretty straight forward if you are launching them from the hombrew channel. Wiiflow has the most integrated support of the loaders I believe, there is a wiki for that one. I never got my cover art to work right for that though.

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