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Thread: I want to update my wii 4.1e

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    Exclamation I want to update my wii 4.1e

    I have my wii version is 4.1e and many channels i have installed from homebrew channel.
    i want to know if i update my wii version to 4.3 or latest.. may come some problum or may brick my wii or may delete my all channels which i have in wii system momery..

    or if not remove anything then before update my installed channel work in new version????????????

    Please help!!
    i want to update for enter in wii shop to download some channel so this what is have to do Thaks a Lot is Advance...

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    No , you do not want to update, you just have to update your soft mod...follow my directions below.

    Follow the Soft Mod Any Wii Guide, The Link is at the bottom of my signature.
    Start from soft mod with home brew channel installed and follow it all the way through.

    Please read the guide a few times, before proceeding.

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