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Thread: Questions about Backup Loader.

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    Questions about Backup Loader.

    I've been doing some Google searches and haven't come up with anything yet. So from what I understand, if I update my Wii on a system and from a game that are from the same region, no harm is done to the system itself. Just the HBC and the Backup Loader are un-installed. Correct?

    Also, can the Backup Loader run imported (NON-BURNED/BACK-UPS) games?

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    no, it just makes things more annoying
    1 can, a new softchip, but if you install starfall *3.2 only* you can on gamma

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    Alright cool. Thanks. I'm going to eventually just buy a Japanese Wii (Once I can find a used one for $150 or lower) and get rid of this stuff anyways. But let's say I have a new US Nintendo game I want to play on my US Wii. It has an update on it. That won't brick my Wii, but it will delete my HBC/etc. right?

    What would you recommend? Is Brick Blocker the best? And how does it work, is there something I have to turn on or does it block the updates automatically without me knowing?

    Edit: Wait, I think I misread your post. My fault. Was the "No it just makes things more annoying.." comment directed towards the "Same region update" question? And if so, what do you mean by "makes things more annoying", care to explain?
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    no it wont
    starfall yeah starfall -.- i just told you that in the last post *come on read what i say*

    yes the same region update

    some programs just dont work, nothing else

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    Yes, sorry about the confusion. If regional updates won't toy with anything I have now (HBC/BackLoader Gamma) then I won't worry about Starfall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchelKlik View Post
    Yes, sorry about the confusion. If regional updates won't toy with anything I have now (HBC/BackLoader Gamma) then I won't worry about Starfall.

    You would do well to follow the advice being given and install Starfall

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    I'm sure Starfall would be beneficial, but why? If what admiral said about regional updates not being a problem is correct, I don't see myself needing Starfall.

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    this is when you apply your time to look into it, over just going dotn want =\

    enables out of region channels/games
    skip the health screen when you turn on the wii
    skip the update on discs
    recovery menu for bricks
    and some other things

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    And that's just it. I don't care about having those things.


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