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Thread: I could use some advice in updating my Wii

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    I could use some advice in updating my Wii

    A couple years ago, I installed the Homebrew Channel and USB Loader GX. I've had issues playing some games (Metroid Other M, Zelda Skyward Sword, etc.). Now USB Loader won't even start (black screen). So I figured it's time I update my system. I honestly don't even remember the original steps I went through to mod this thing, so any advice would be great... I'd hate to brick it trying some silly update.

    I'm currently running firmware version 4.0u. I don't believe I ever installed Priiloader, and unfortunately I get an error when I try to install (system ticket not found, access denied).

    Anyone have advice on a good starting point?

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    The best advice I could offer is:
    Go to the introduce yourself thread, say hello, and a moderator will
    greet you and provide you with all the needed links to get your wii
    modded in the safest possible way.
    If you do run into problems, these moderators will help you get things straight.
    Good luck

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    Follow the soft mod any wii guide.
    The Link is at the bottom of my signature.
    Start from "Soft Mod With Homebrew Channel Installed" Spoiler.
    Follow the Guide all the way through.

    Please read the Guide a Few times Before Proceeding.


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