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Thread: Wood V1.59 Updated

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    Wood V1.59 Updated

    This update is very experimental, so !!!BACKUP YOUR DATA!!! Or do not update your card.
    The experimental Real Time Save feature of Wood for the R4iDSN has been updated. This update includes some speed increases over previous builds. Please note that this code is extremely experimental and users are advised to back up their microSD cards before updating.

    Update: As we know that r4i gold 3ds card ( ) from team uses the wood firmware, today they have released the wood V1.59 for their card.

    download: wood V1.59

    Important Distinction
    Now, there are so many fake Wood R4 versions which have nothing to do with me. Only Wood R4 for the original R4, R4i Gold (, R4iDSN (, and AK RPG are supported by me. I can only fix bugs for these specific releases. Do not post bug reports or ask for updates for clone cards running a fake version of Wood.

    Change Log said:

    • rts still in beta stage.
    • improved timers state saving/loading.
    • read/write core rewritten - about x10 launch/save/load speedup.
      • launching - 1s,
      • loading - 4-6s,
      • saving - 5-7s.

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    Awesome Thanks for nice update

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