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Thread: remod wii help please!

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    remod wii help please!

    i've accidentally misplaced the sd card i used to mod my wii 4.3u with smash stacks. i have a bunch of applications such as wii flow and configurable usb loader but they don't work because the sd card is missing. when i go to the HBC, it's blank, as in it only shows the blue live wallpaper. i've tried to remod it without formatting my wii, but there's no way for my wii to recognize the sd card. i've also tried loading bootmii but it was a black screen and my wii started flashing it's blue led lights. i don't know what to do and i don't remember what versions most of my applications are. the only app that works is usb loader gx but it barely recognizes my hard drive.

    so can someone help me get my stuff back? or at least put everything back on my sd?

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    what makes you think you need to remod it? You lost the card wih the apps on it so it doesnt work anymore...that because your stuff was on the sd card apparently. You can just get the app pack from the any wii guide linked in my signature and put them on a new sd card.

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