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Thread: Black Screen, Green light

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    Black Screen, Green light

    Help! I hosed my kids Christmas present!

    I have a D2E with a Wiikey2 and the solderless clip. I was at 3.2 with Homebrew and Starfall installed. Own region updates were enabled. Other region updates were blocked.

    All was working fine, but the wife really wanted to play a couple of games that would not work.

    I updated to 3.3U using the Custom IOS Downgrader, then tried updating using Nintendo's update utility on the Wii. This got all my games working fine, but SSBB stopped working.

    This is where I messed up. I downgraded back to 3.2U. There is a possibility I accidentally downgraded to 2.2U... I'm not sure. I did not reinstall Starfall.

    It seemed to be working fine, then I asked the kids to try SSBB. It asked to update, which I allowed. After it finished the screen went black.

    1. Plug in, LED is orange.

    2. Turn on: LED turns green, small flicker on screen, drive makes quiet beep, and spins up.

    3. If power is held for a few seconds, LED turns red.

    4. Remote does not establish connection when Wii turned on.

    - Removing battery for over an hour (while unplugged).
    - Running Wiikey2 recovery disk (did nothing).
    - Removing Wiikey2, reassembling and found same symptoms.
    - Reseating the Bluetooth module (a suggestion on another site)
    - Searching on Google, I found a discussion around the Wii not being officially bricked if the power light comes on.

    Can anyone suggest something else to try (besides getting a new Wii) ?

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    Anyone? I'm despirate... Can't afford to replace it now. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

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    its possiable during the install it bricked the wii fully, you can try Savemii but thats if youre lucky

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