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Thread: Running backups with Dolphin emulator

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    Running backups with Dolphin emulator

    Hello I have some backup discs for the wii which I would like to play on dolphin. Now you could say that I have two types of discs. In one type I have wii games which I have modified to remove or replace the US firmware update with a Japanese one.
    On the other I simply burned the discs without changing the update. When I try to run the discs with the modified update Dolphin freezes and the game does not run. But when I run the unmodified discs Dolphin is able to run it. Is this because Dolphin isn't configured right or is this because I burned it wrong?
    I am using Dolphin svn r 6423

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    Problem fixed. The fault was with the dvd drive, not the emulator or the backup.

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    Problem Solved.


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