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Thread: Wii to Wii U save transfer details.

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    Wii to Wii U save transfer details.

    From my understanding, it is perfectly safe to transfer a modded Wii's saves and VC to the vWii; but in doing so removes anything and everything from the original console.

    Is there anyway to preserve any of the data on the original console?
    Also, will any of my Homebrew related channels be transferred as well?

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    Only official stuff will be transferred. Meaning stuff you didn't purchase from the Shop Channel (Homebrew channels) will stay on the old Wii. Once transferred over that's it, you will not be able to restore them to the first system unless you re-buy them.

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    What about just the Wii games' save files?
    Can those be moved back and forth, or will my old system just be considered a fresh one?
    I have a save file of a game I can't exactly play on a non-pal console.
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    I've not tried it, but you might want to try copying over the save file to an SD card and restoring it when done. No idea if it works as I've not tried this.

    But otherwise, the Wii Game Save data is deleted from the Wii when it is moved over to the Wii U.
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