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Thread: Updated softmodded wii

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    Question Updated softmodded wii


    I'm realy new to this kind of stuff,
    I had a wii with system version 4.2 and updated it to 4.3e.
    4.2 was softmodded and i just updated (while it was softmodded) to 4.3e

    when it was finished i still had the homebrew channel and the other channels, but USB Loader GX crashed after that, WiiFlow did the samething
    and when i opend mightyloader i got this message:
    *ERROR: I can't load IOS249 (ret = -6)

    I googled on that exact prashe and luckily i found this topic:
    The answer was: Just re-softmod your wii!
    I used letterbomb clicked on install Bootmii, didn't installed the homebrew channel again.

    But i still get the error message! I hope somebody can help me out with this


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    You need to reinstall your cIOSs again as well, not just the HBC and BootMii. If you follow the ANY Wii guide in my signature that will fix it


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