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Thread: I do not know WTH I am doing...and I am afraid to mess up my boy's modded wii

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    I do not know WTH I am doing...and I am afraid to mess up my boy's modded wii

    I am pretty green with this. I bought a modded wii last year for my son, and recently he saved his money to buy a game called Skylanders Giants that does not recognize the portal, so I began doing some research on this site to see what it would take to update the wii because I know it has not been updated in a few years. I will not lie, it is confusing to me. I have read the softmod ANY Wii guide several times, and frankly, I do not know if this is hard mod/soft mod or just a soft modded wii that I have. It has the SD card with the homebrew channel installed, and it has a hard drive with the games on it. I guess I have two questions at the moment.
    1) How do I know if it is just a soft modded wii? I do have the wii_syscheck file if that helps.
    2) The softmod ANY Wii has me formatting the SD card using my PC three times during the process. Why? And I presume that each time I format the SD card I am suppose to make a backup of the data, format, and then put the backed up data back on the SD card before proceeding to the next chapter?

    thanks for your help!

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    Being you're aware of the guide, posts like this go --- you guessed it --- in the guide. That being said, I will answer and then close this thread.

    1. It's softmodded, trust me.
    2. Because we have you do things in steps/chapters. You don't need to backup the SD card (in terms that you're supposed to have a blank[ed] one to start with. The third time you don't delete it after completing the guide, you leave it as-is.

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    If you have data on the SD card now that you want to keep before you start, back it up so you can restore it later. But other than that and the NAND backup files, you don't have to keep any of it long-term.

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