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Thread: DIOS MIOS restarting wii

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    DIOS MIOS restarting wii

    Hello there. My problem is that every time I try to use dios mios lite on wiiflow, it brings my wii back to the home screen. If I try and use cfg usb loader, it says "Devolution only accepts clean dumps". If I try usb loader gx, it gives me a black screen. I have a fat32 64k cluster size formatted toshiba sd card. I am trying to load Zelda wind waker. My games folder in the sd card looks like this: /games/GZLP01/game.iso I have tried loading the game using DiscEx as well. I have installed and reinstalled the dios mios wad onto ios249 using multi mod manager. Please help!

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    We have guides on this, why don't you find'em? And don't blindly post in them, follow them first --- then, and only then post your questions if still issues.


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