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Thread: 480p video resolution and zelda windwaker

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    480p video resolution and zelda windwaker

    I have a bunch of questions.
    What is progressive scan?
    Is progressive scan and 480p the same thing?
    What is HDMI?
    If I play NTSC zelda windwaker on the wii will the display be in 480p Progressive scan? Or do I need HDMI cables?

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    480p doesn't require HDMI, only Component cables. Without getting too deep into it, 480p and Progressive scan are the same yes. HDMI (High Definition Media Input) is capable of displaying all resolutions up to 1080p which means 480p is also compatible with HDMI cables, however, the Wii is not capable of displaying above 480p so even if you got HMDI converter and cable your Wii would not display anything higher than 480p.

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    component cables? Is it the cables that come with the wii or I have to separately buy it?
    Also, how do I enable progressive scan? For both wii games and gamecube games?

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    The AV cables that come with the Wii are composite cables, only capable of 480i.

    I recommend these cheap component cables (mainly because they are so cheap, but work wonderfully. I've used mine for years.

    When the game cube game detects that you have component cables installed, it will ask if you want to play it in progressive scan mode. I don't know what the Wii does using AV cables, but I know when I played the game on GameCube using AV cables, I was never asked.
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