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Thread: I need a guide to soft mod my wii

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    Ca I need a guide to soft mod my wii

    So a few days ago i decide to soft mod my wii. But i have no idea how to do it. I am looking for a complete guide with all the webistes for the apps, homebrew channel etc

    I want to play wii game of a usb stick, get a channel in which you can watch dvd movies, listen to music etc, and also something in which you can play game cube games off.
    I just need all the good applications and stuff.

    I know you need the homebrew channel, but i am un sure with what applications you need it with. I have no applications like homebrew channel on my wii. IT just has games, channels and internet.

    My wii version is 4.3u.

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    Start here, just as the site rules recommend.

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    I did just a few minutes ago

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    The post "crossed in the mail," but I responded. Welcome


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