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Thread: Newbie with a few questions

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    Newbie with a few questions

    Hi guys and gals, My name is Phil.

    I just brought a wii, second hand and she said it was chipped/modded. All very well and good but where do I start?
    I'm going for the Burning to a disk option for now and as I used to burn cd's back in the day so its the method I'm used to but there's a few things that I'm confused on...

    The files that I find are mostly around 7 GB, to big for the DVD RW disk I've been told to burn to, If I find a smaller file will that ruin the game play at all?
    What is the most reliable site to download from
    Once everything has been downloaded and burnt are they as reliable as the real thing or will they lag, freeze, glitch?
    Also The one I downloaded has come through in a winrar file, what file should it download in to work on my wii?

    I have the white standard if that makes any difference.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Reread those rules of the board. You'll see we don't support piracy.

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