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Thread: Wii won't play most game backups, both hard and soft modded

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    Wii won't play most game backups, both hard and soft modded


    I have a PAL Wii, bought shortly after its launch, both hard modded (With WiiKey) and soft modded. My problem is it stopped playing some of my backup DVDs (That used to work previously), it will result in either a "system files corrupt" error, "An error has occurred. Press the eject button...", or, if I lower the drive speed, a standard read failure error in the disk menu.
    Unfortunately, I lost track of its software status as I soft modded it a pretty long time ago. All I remember is that I used Indiana Pwnz. I have the Homebrew channel installed. I recently had the disk replaced replaced since it became very noisy, but it didn't solve the read errors. It runs 4.3e, however when I run DOP-Mii's system check it crashes after reaching certain IOSes. During the time I had my Wii my younger sister accidentally downloaded updates for the it which caused several issues, yet I eventually fixed them, but they might still cause problems.

    If anyone can guide me how can I extract more information about the software state of my Wii and how can I finally fix this problem, I'd be extremely thankful!

    Please note I haven't dealt with Wii soft mods in a while, please assume I have nothing installed but the Homebrew channel and no previous Wii-specific knowledge.

    Thanks in advance!

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    run SysCheck, u'll see all the IOS, cIOS being installed.
    follow the "Guide: Softmod-Any-Wii" and downgrade ur Wii to 4.1e. that helps ! read word to word, do step by step, u will make it, not necessary for previous Wii-specific knowledge.
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    Thanks a lot! This solved all my problems! Games that stopped working years ago finally play back again!


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