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Thread: Theoretical questions about IOS

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    Theoretical questions about IOS

    I have a lot of questions about the IOS.
    1. What is an IOS?
    2. What are the different types of IOS? (stubbed,system and others if any)
    3. What is the maximum number of IOS that can be installed on the wii.
    4. What is a system IOS and how is it different from others?
    5. Can there be more that one system IOS installed?
    6. Whenever I use Wad manager I boot IOS 249. Is the IOS 249 in my wii a system IOS? Is it the most important IOS in my wii? What will happen if I overwrite this IOS with another IOS?
    7.Lets say I have an empty slot 1. Can I install IOS 1 on it. Can I install an IOS other than IOS 1 such as IOS 57 on slot 1?
    8.Is there any homebrew that lets me see what slots are empty and which slots have IOS on them?

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    Thank you!


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