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Thread: Expanding NAND/emulating NAND?

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    Expanding NAND/emulating NAND?

    I like having forwarders and such for pretty much all my homebrew but unfortunately that seems to take up a lot of space, so that coupled with game saves, etc, really makes space tight on the Wii, is there any way to expand the NAND on it or emulate it somehow? I've read bits and pieces about it by searchign around google and here but haven't found anything definitive or what exactly you can do with it, I just want to be able to install channels/wiiware/VC titles to something and still access it via the main wii channel page you boot to.

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    You can emulate the nand, but it does not work with all homebrew. Good for wiiware and such. Perhaps you should try postloader, it is a system menu replacement that can load installed channels, load homebrew, load from emulated nand, etc. Most of that is probably also possible with usbloader gx. Try setting priiloader to autoboot to one of those. The system menu is limited, so it may be time to give it up for something that does more to your liking.
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