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Thread: Dios Mios 2.9 / FF Crystal Chronicles / Black Screen issues

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    Dios Mios 2.9 / FF Crystal Chronicles / Black Screen issues

    So I'm having this issue. I'm been using Dios Mios rather happily for a while now. I've got some 16gb usb drives that I use for my GC games. I obtained a copy of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles today, the PAL version. Because the NTSC-U one is supposedly not working on DM. Here comes the error. After I tweaked the settings to allow it to work on an NTSC system, I ran it. It seems to work fine in the USB Loader GX window. I don't think the game has any errors. The name comes up fine, so does the little image of it. So the Wii is recognizing it as FF Crystal Chronicles. When it starts, I see the Dios Mios screen. But then it goes black, and the Aux 1 pops up on my tv, the same as if I had changed the channel. And then nothing. Is there anyone that can help me with this? I really want to play the game and it irritates me that it won't work. I was going to try Neogamma and a burn disc, but apparently Neogamma won't work since I installed Dios Mios 2.9.

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    You could try Devolution, FFCC NTSC-U is listed on the compatibility list as working (last I checked anyway).

    Double check, listed as working on Devolution. So I would recommend trying that. The guide is linked in my signature


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