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Thread: Weird Wiimote Button Presses Issue

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    Weird Wiimote Button Presses Issue

    So after finally getting some games USB loaded on my newly softmodded Wii, I noticed this weird glitch/issue. I started up brawl, and I noticed the controls were acting funky. Nunchuck, Wiimote, even using a second Wiimote all have the same problem: most button presses will be registered twice, I.E. I can't charge SMash attacks fully, I can't run without him stuttering, moving the cursor on the character select menu acts like if I'm pressing up on the D-pad really fast, but won't move at a steady pace, etc. I'm guessing it's just registering multiple button presses for whatever reason. I've been googling to see if anyone else has had this problem, and the only thing I could find was this thread (, but I wasn't sure how to do the first fix since I'm relatively new to all of this, and I tried the second fix with booting straight into Priiloader and that didn't work. Any thoughts on what this could be? I followed the Softmod Any Wii guide step by step as well, I believe the only extra thing I've done is install the DIOS MIOS to run Gamecube games off my USB.

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    Is it an aftermarket controller? I've had similar problems with Chinese knockoffs.

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    Nope, they're both original Nintendo brands. After rebooting a couple of times straight into HBC, the problem seemed to ease up, and it didn't seem to affect me while playing Super Mario Galaxy 2. Afterwards I tried Brawl again and it worked well for the most part, still a couple of weird double inputs. I was just wondering if this was as random of a problem as I think it is or if anyone knew the exact cause of it.


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