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Thread: can I softmod my wii without using the internet?

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    can I softmod my wii without using the internet?

    Hello Wii world, just wondering if it is possible to mod my wii without using the internet, if yes would it be possible to be directed to a location whereby I might find these files+ instructions. also would any one have any wii iso to share? thanks ludlow

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    You don't need your Wii connected to the Internet, you will need a computer with Internet access. You can find full details on the modding process in the Softmod ANY Wii Guide linked in my signature.

    Also please keep in mind that it is against forum rules to ask where to acquire game downloads as that would be piracy. If you want a game please go to your nearest game retailer and buy it.

    I have also moved your thread to the correct site location (this does not belong in site business)

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