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Thread: Lost retail gamecube compatibility

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    Lost retail gamecube compatibility

    Recently started playing gamecube games, blah blah blah I get a black screen after disc channel. Neogamma doesn't work either.

    The only thing I have seemed to have done is install DIOS MIOS 2.6. Not sure if before or after breaking legit GC support. Reinstall MIOS?

    Help please?

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    Too much trouble to post in the DIOS MIOS guide? If you had read the guide, you'd already know the answer to this (by your post, it seems you're not content enough to take the actual guide creator's word for it --- what's up with that?)

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    Ah! I'm sorry!

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    You're user name is rather interesting in that context, lol

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    Well I guess I have earned it!

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    See my other reply to you in the other thread for the actual/proper place to read first/post second in, OK?


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