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Thread: snes9x-gx, GxGeo + Roms vs Nand emulation + Wads

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    snes9x-gx, GxGeo + Roms vs Nand emulation + Wads

    Assume you have legal access to say 100 roms and their wads counterpart, 50 for snes9x-gx, and 50 for GxGeo.

    Is there advantages to using Nand Emulation w/ the wads vs the standalone emulators + roms?

    Would like get some informed opinions on the up/down side of both ideas.

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    As far as I can see it, NAND emulation is more complex and uses more disk space. Besides, not all ROMs have WAD counterparts. And, of course, most emulators have resources you don't get with Virtual Console titles (saving states, joystick configuration, etc.). I prefer emulation simply for the sake of simplicity (redundancy intended).

    For N64 games, though, Virtual Console for the win.


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