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Thread: wii games question

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    wii games question

    does anyone know what games are compatible for soft modded wii.

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    Hope the following helps.

    1). Soft mod is way of hacking.
    2). There are many ways to hack with different hacking software install into a console. e.g., IOSs (not ISO), cIOSs and HBC.
    3). A game is ok in soft modded console "A" may not be ok in soft modded console "B" bacause the two consoles may have different hacks installed. Different hardware may complicates the situation more.

    From what I heard, a soft modded consoles may be capable of playing 85% of available games. I also heard that some hacking guru's console is ok with all games.

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    different programs have different working ammounts (softchip/gamma)
    its only Cios's =P IOS's are from nintendo and yes homebrew
    its more some can read it, and some have the needed file to run it

    gamma can run most main stream games, but... their slower than a modchip, randomly freeze, need more things to get a high number working, some games work till a set point, and a game from a special region could mean it doesnt work over the NTSC/PAL other


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