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Thread: Help! R4 SDHC Dual Core Firmware

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    Help! R4 SDHC Dual Core Firmware


    New to the flash cart, and am trying to download firmware for the R4 SDHC Dual Core flash cart that I have. The link to download from the website ( isn't loading and I'm having trouble finding a comparable place to download the firmware. I have a DSlite that I'll be using the card on....

    Thanks for your help!

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    click on the tab that says 'download selected version.' a pop up window will appear. click on 'manual dowload.' I haven't used a r4 in ages, so what you do with the drivers once you get them is beyond me.

    I've used an Acekard 2i for years and it's amazing. My wife uses the Supercard DSTWO and in my opinion its the best card out there.

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    There are two different r4i sdhc dual core cards, "new" version or "2013" version, which one do you have, it should be printed on the card. and here is a guide to use the r4i sdhc dual core card:
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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    please allow me to jump in I have the new version of the card. when I download kernal and copy to my SD I then insert into my r4 sdhc, I then see the sponge bob game but when I click it I dont see any games just a empty games folder.

    Update- I just went to setting and set file list type to all, i now see games but they are unclickable
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