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Thread: Wiimote Controller driver for Windows

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    Exclamation Wiimote Controller driver for Windows

    I need a driver to be able to play games on my PC with a Wiimote. I can't have something like glovepie, because the games (Portal 2, etc.) need to have a controller recognized to be able to play multiplayer. The last driver I tried gave a Blue Screen, so I'm not eager to test a new one out myself. Can anyone suggest a driver that they use that makes their Wiimote be recognized as a controller in the "Game Controllers" part of the control panel?

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    As far as I know, a combination of PPJoy and glovepie are the only things that sort of works (and it still isn't a good solution).
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    I found something called xPadder that is a less nerdy form of Glovepie, but to make a Wiimote work with it, it needs a driver too, and doesn't recommend one. I would ask in the xPadder forums which driver to use, but I need to purchase xPadder first - and I'm not going to purchase it until I know it works with the driver but I can't tell if it works with the driver until.... Does anyone here have experience with xPadder and know what driver you're supposed to get for the Wiimote? And the original question still stands as well.


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