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Thread: Cover art not showing

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    Cover art not showing

    Hi all again ive got all my games on usb hd now all playing fine next issuse i want to fix is that i dont see no cover art ??? ive added a folder called WBFS covers to the root with the covers in no joy ive added them singley to the actule game directory still no joy all i see in the usb manager is all the games but with question marks on can some 1 point me in the right direction or thread so i get to see the cover art please also all my covers are .jpg files
    many thanks

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    Some of the USB loaders will let you set the paths for your box arts. It's a more complicated set of directories that you might think, so best to leave it at the default.

    If you wii is network enabled, each USB loader has the ability to download the missing cover arts and store them where they are expecting them to be, so they load up. Each loader's default is different.
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    I've always found a pain how different loaders will use different folders for art, NAND emulation, etc. and some won't let you point to the folder you want. You end up having stupid redundancy.

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    forget the last post ive sussed it if any other user has same issue just click the game then manage then download cover job done
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