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Thread: Messing with cIOS backdated my compatibility

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    Messing with cIOS backdated my compatibility

    So my wii 4.3, after 5 years of faithful service, got a LetterBomb. It has IOS 58 v6176 My goal was to set up USB Configureable Loader.
    My first attempt was to use the d2x-cIOS installer. I had made a mistake in downloading the proper WAD files, and I'm pretty sure in my ignorant meddling, I uninstalled the IOS files that were in block 248.
    Not even realizing my mistake, I instead changed my approach, redownloaded the proper d2x WAD files, and ran WiiMOD 3.2 WAD manager, and was succcessful in geting the USB loader to work.

    However, now when I try to run a regular Wii game, it instead prompts me to perform a system update. I think the reason for that is because IOS 248 contained the compatibility for a lot of new games. But when I installed the new cIOS, it covered 248. Am I wrong in my assumption?

    I love this site and appreciate the knowledgable WiiModders that work hard to repair the foolishness of would be Modders.

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    The problem is that you didn't follow a thorough guide in order to do the softmod. You are missing priiloader, which blocks updates. Who knows what cIOS configuration you have going on. You should make a run through the Softmod ANY Wii guide (link below in my sig). It will overwrite anything that is out of order and give you everything else you need to be able to play all your Wii backups.

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    Thank you. I admit, my initial softmod was not as....stringent as the one outlined in your guide. I will go back to square one, so to speak, and do it right.

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    I went back and did everything over again as per the guide. This time I made sure to install Priiloader and all the correct WADs. Everything works great. My apps run, my actual discs work, and the USB Config Loader plays all my backups. Again, I appreciate the help. I will continue to peruse the guides to try and fully understand what the heck I just did to my Wii.


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